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Anaya Moore


Hi my name is Anaya,and I'm a Senior and Marketing Major and I am so excited to share with my fellow peers the importance of marketing in an any profession,as this can determine a person's success.My goal is to help provide students with the proper resources and advice in regards to getting on the right path to becoming a well equipped marketing expert and ultimately a successful individual.

My name is Ian,I am a Marketing Major in my Junior year! I joined Central marketing Association to get back into the CCSU community post pandemic school year of 2020.Being that I am a marketing major it was inevitable as meeting new people and the ability to network are necessities in the real world.Along with being a new member having a leadership role is something I am looking forward to!


Ian Frank

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Ana Cagganello is a Junior at CCSU majoring in Finance with additional interest in marketing and management. This will be her second year being a member of the Central Marketing Association and she has now taken on the role as treasurer. Her future goals include utilizing her finance degree to collaborate with marketing efforts in her career while working at a financial firm.


Ana Cagganello

Hi! My name is Maureen,I am a junior marketing major at CCSU and love everything about marketing.I am the event coordinator of CMA and I am excited to hold this postion because I love event planning/coordination and like to bring people together! So excited for the rest of this semester

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Event Coordinator

Maureen Ferrer